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  • Provisionsfreier Neubau im Erstbezug

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  • Neubau | Lager & Umschlagshalle | Rampe

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  • Neuss, approx. 1,295 sqm warehouse space in a business park for rent

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  • Neuss, modern and high class warehouse space

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  • Neuss, modern and high class warehouse space

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  • Neuss, modern and high class warehouse space

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  • Munich-North, warehouse spaces for rent

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You want to be involved in the challenging and growth-oriented world of logistics, industrial and commercial real estate?

Then we want to get to know you. REALOGIS gives dedicated and flexible personalities a promising entry into the business, offers diverse and interesting tasks and provides you with a highly qualified education. You can expect the best perspectives for the future and attractive career positions in an autonomous team with flat hierarchies and decision-making responsibility.

Our employees are not a cost factor for us, they are a success factor, because our company only succeeds because we have highly dedicated staff.


for employees:

  • an excellent working environment with flat hierarchies and loyal colleagues
  • outstanding opportunities for career and personal development
  • be a part of shaping the expanding market leader
  • egular team events and modern offices in a central location
  • regular training courses

Our success stories

At REALOGIS, we want to offer our team only the best jobs in the industry. And we do: Our employees enjoy working with us and stay with us for many years. See for yourself - some of them will be happy to tell you about their experiences.

  • „Since taking over the marketing for REALOGIS Group shortly before the pandemic started, I have been implementing a wide range of challenging projects for the teams in the branches - and I have not regretted my decision to join REALOGIS for a second! From the very first moment, I loved the great working atmosphere and the team cohesion. Everyone here is given the opportunity to contribute, develop and grow, and to help shape the future of our company. So I have no qualms whatsoever about saying: I'm at REALOGIS to stay!“
  • „I became a part of the REALOGIS family in 2017, when the Frankfurt am Main office was being founded. In my work as a REALOGIS Consultant since then, I have enjoyed being able to make a full contribution to our mission, at eye level with my colleagues and without stifling hierarchies. I am surrounded by a young, highly motivated team, so even after four years, I still love every day of our collaboration both in our office and with other branches. Choosing REALOGIS was a decision that has turbocharged my professional and personal development. Here you are encouraged and supported. I would not hesitate to hire on here again!“
  • „In addition to that, Mr. Ertan's attitude about sustainability was the decisive factor why I applied for a job at the market leader for logistics real estate. The application process was short and sweet. And what can I say - every day is the same and yet a little different and I am grateful to be part of this great team.“
  • „REALOGIS stands for specialization in the asset class of industrial and logistics property, for unparalleled market penetration in Germany and, last but not least, for employees with a real enthusiasm for our industry. All these things together ensure day after day that we have happy and satisfied business partners. It's a spirit I am very happy to be a part of.“
  • „When I joined REALOGIS in 2013, after a referral from a long-time friend, I knew what to expect professionally, but I had no idea what REALOGIS really meant... nationwide market leader... pioneer in logistics... all well and good and that's what we work to achieve every day, but REALOGIS is much more than that. We are colleagues, friends and family all at the same time. We support and help each other. We play foosball, we play golf, we laugh, we party and we fool around together. We live and breathe REALOGIS.“
  • „Ever since starting my training at REALOGIS in 2018, I have taken on a lot of responsibility in the various fields of work. Challenging tasks are part of my daily business, and you quickly find out how they help you grow as a person. I especially like the varied daily routine with my colleagues. Working with the dynamic team at REALOGIS not only makes you more effective and productive, it's also a lot of fun.“
  • „I have gotten to know REALOGIS as an uncomplicated, unbureaucratic and informal employer! We have a relaxed working atmosphere with flat hierarchies and a great team environment. We all have the opportunity to work independently and virtually without supervision within our field of work and in a dynamic team. And performance pays at REALOGIS - hard work and drive reap rewards that include career and training opportunities! That has been my experience of this company for years!“
  • „I started as a trainee at REALOGIS In 2019 and I am still really happy I did. The young team made me feel welcome and part of the family right off the bat. In the two and a half years of my traineeship, I had the opportunity to work on many projects and complete tasks without supervision, which of course helped me when the time came to transition from trainee to broker. Thanks to the trust my colleagues gave me, I was able to learn a lot in a very short time. What I especially like is working in the team here: everyone is encouraged and supported and nobody works against anyone“

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