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REALOGIS: Prime rents for existing logistics properties continue to rise

  • Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich are the most expensive top locations for functional existing properties
  • The most expensive locations outside the top 8 are in the south
  • Erfurt, Halle and Göttingen are the most affordable locations outside the top 8
  • Regensburg sees the biggest price rise of +25%
  • Average prime rents at a total of 32 locations up more than 6% in the space of a year, rents at the lower end of the range up 10%
  • Biggest gap between minimum rent and prime rent for existing properties at EUR 3.60/m²
Munich, 26 April 2022 –In addition to the price development of new builds for industry, retail and logistics, Realogis, the market leader for industrial and logistics properties in Germany, regularly examines the changes in functional existing properties at 32 locations. It defines functional existing properties as heated properties with a hall height of at least 7.50 metres, ramp-based and/or ground-level access and spacious delivery zones. In contrast to an evaluation of internet advertisements, the analysis encompasses the rents achieved in actual transactions as observed by more than 70 Realogis experts throughout Germany. The latest rental map can be found at:

The most expensive logistics location for existing properties among the top 8 locations is Berlin at EUR 7.50/m², followed by Hamburg at EUR 7.20/m² – an increase of +10.8% compared with the previous figure of EUR 6.50/m². The next markets in line at the upper end of the range are Stuttgart (EUR 6.50/m², up +3.2% from EUR 6.30/m²) and Munich (EUR 6.50/m²). Rents in this segment in Berlin and Munich are unchanged compared with one year previously.

Outside the top eight locations, the highest prime rents are found in Ingolstadt at EUR 6.15/m² (up +2.5% from EUR 6.00/m²), Regensburg at EUR 6.00/m² (up +25% from EUR 4.80/m²) and Nuremberg and Dresden, where rents are unchanged year-on-year at EUR 6.00/m².

The most expensive locations in eastern Germany are Dresden at EUR 6.00/m² (unchanged), Leipzig at EUR 5.00/m² (up +16.3% from EUR 4.30/m²) and Zwickau at EUR 4.50/m² (up +7.1% from EUR 4.20/m²).

The most affordable prime rents for existing properties outside the top 8, i.e. in the 24 regional markets, are found in Erfurt (EUR 3.90/m², unchanged), Halle (EUR 3.70/m², up +12.1% from EUR 3.30/m²) and Göttingen (EUR 3.50/m², unchanged).

Biggest increase in prime rents: +25% in Regensburg
“Prime rents for functional existing properties increased by an average of 6.1% across all locations, with no markets seeing lower prime rents,” says Florian Stork, Realogis Managing Director responsible for Munich and the markets in southern Germany. “The biggest increase – irrespective of geographical location – was recorded in Regensburg.” Prime rents in this market have risen by +25%. Twelve months ago, users were paying EUR 4.80/m² for functional existing properties, whereas now they have to pay EUR 6.00/m².

“The Dingolfing area also saw strong growth of +19.6%,” Florian Stork adds. Having amounted to EUR 4.80/m² at the end of 2020, prime rents now come in at EUR 6.00/m². The next highest growth rates were recorded by Leipzig at +16.3% (from EUR 4.30/m² to 5.00/m²) and Heilbronn at +14.6% (from EUR 4.80/m² to EUR 5.50/m²).

Lower rent range: southern regional markets record growth in excess of 20%
“Hamburg leads the way when it comes to the lower rent range, i.e. the lowest rents for functional existing properties in each of the top 8 locations,” comments Stefan Imken, Realogis Managing Director with responsibility for Hamburg. Users in the northern German city are facing rents of at least EUR 6.00/m² in this market segment. By contrast, the figures for Munich and Stuttgart are EUR 5.50/m², while Frankfurt comes in at EUR 4.90/m², Düsseldorf at EUR 4.60/m² and Cologne at EUR 4.40/m². The top locations at the back of the pack are Berlin at EUR 3.90/m² and the Ruhr region at EUR 3.60/m².

The most expensive locations outside the top 8 in terms of mininum rents for existing properties are the southern markets of Ingolstadt, Nuremberg and Karlsruhe:
  • Ingolstadt at EUR 4.95/m² (up +23.8% from EUR 4.00/m²)
  • Nuremberg at EUR 4.90/m² (up +22.5% from EUR 4.00/m²)
  • Karlsruhe at EUR 4.50/m² (up +18.4% from EUR 3.80/m²)
The most affordable locations are Magdeburg, Halle and Göttingen:
  • Magdeburg at EUR 3.20/m², up from EUR 3.00/m² (+6.7%)
  • Halle at EUR 3.20/m², up from EUR 2.50/m² (+28%)
  • Göttingen at EUR 3.00/m², unchanged
The most expensive northern markets are Wolfsburg, Hanover and Bremen:
  • Wolfsburg at EUR 4.20/m², up from EUR 4.00/m² (+5%)
  • Hanover at EUR 4.20/m², up from EUR 3.50/m² (+20%); Hanover was still well behind Wolfsburg, Kassel and Bremen in the previous year
  • Bremen at EUR 4.00/m², up from EUR 3.70/m² (+8.1%)
The most expensive eastern markets are Dresden, Zwickau and Leipzig:
  • Dresden at EUR 4.00/m² (unchanged)
  • Zwickau at EUR 3.80/m², up from EUR 3.20/m² (+18.8%)
  • Leipzig at EUR 3.50/m², up from EUR 3.20/m² (+9.4%)
“Minimum rents for existing properties rose by an average of 10%, which suggests that demand for these properties is growing,” says Florian Stork. In eight markets, the minimum rent for existing properties increased by between just under 20% and 30%:
  • Halle (+28%)
  • Ingolstadt (+23.8%)
  • Nuremberg (+22.5%)
  • Stuttgart (+22.5%)
  • Braunschweig (+21.2%)
  • Hanover (+20%)
  • Zwickau (+18.8%)
  • Karlsruhe (+18.4%)

Charts: To improve clarity, the charts prepared and used by Realogis contain rounded figures, but are based on the exact figures used in the text.


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REALOGIS. No. 1 for industrial and logistics properties

The REALOGIS Group is Germany’s leading player for the consulting and brokering of industrial, logistics and commercial properties. Founded in 2005 as a pioneer for the asset class of logistics and industry, the owner-operated group has enjoyed healthy growth, is crisis-resistant and knows the German market like no other. In 2021 Realogis generated nearly 1,3 million m² of usable space alone in the letting segment. The net commission revenue of all services in the financial year 2021are EUR 25 million.

In 2021, REALOGIS also won the German Real Estate Prize in the “Commercial Player” category, which honours companies for their outstanding commitment, creativity, innovative strength and sustainability.

Realogis is represented in the country’s seven top logistics locations of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart, while a dedicated organisational unit ensures transparency in around 15 additional regional logistics markets. 70 real estate professionals advise national and international companies from the fields of logistics, e-commerce, retail and industry as well as private and institutional investors. Quick, flexible, regional, customer-oriented and with a high volume of transactions.

REALOGIS four core competencies are arranging highly creditworthy tenants for new and existing properties, assisting investors with property investments and project development of greenfields and brownfields, outstanding service for locating or selling sites, and the development and implementation of holistic property strategies.

In short, REALOGIS creates more room for its customers’ success in every sense. Further information: