Lützellinden, 05.03.2020

Realogis announces lease with PHÖNIX at VGP Park Lützellinden

Frankfurt, 5 March 2020 – Phönix, an organic food wholesaler based in Rosbach in the German state of Hesse, has secured a single-tenant property covering 14,500 sqm at the VGP Park Lützellinden site. In a deal advised and brokered by Realogis – the leading German consulting firm for letting and investments in industrial, logistics and commercial properties in Germany – the full-range organic supplier signed a long-term lease with two options. Phönix will move into the new-build facility in October 2020. The site is currently under construction by its owner, investor and project developer VGP and is situated just off the A45 motorway to the south of Wetzlar and Giessen.

“Relocating from the current headquarters will allow Phönix to expand its floor space and put much more efficient logistical processes in place,” said Phönix Managing Directors Mohamed El Ouariachi and Jörg Mayer, commenting on the company’s decision. The wholesaler primarily supplies specialist organic retailers, subscription services and catering companies in the Frankfurt am Main area with a full range of high-quality organic goods.

From the third quarter of 2020, VGP will be providing the organic food wholesaler with around 8,000 sqm of dry storage space, 3,650 sqm of refrigerator and freezer space and 1,750 sqm of office and communal space, as well as an 800 sqm mezzanine level. The VGP Park site covers 23,400 sqm in total.

“VGP Park Lützellinden with its proximity to the current headquarters, new-build quality and good infrastructure provide the decisive success factors for the future of Phönix,” said Julian Petri, Managing Director Realogis Immobilien Frankfurt GmbH.